Parallel symposia SE1-SE10

SE1 - Public health and policy


SE2 - Stakeholder perspectives

Trudy Smit Quosai, Guelph

SE3 - Player protection

A comparative study on online gambling regulation and its socioeconomic consequences
Ingo Fiedler, Hamburg and Montreal

SE4 - From risk factors to selective prevention

Gender differences in gambling prefe-rences and problem gambling: A network-level analysis
Stéphanie Baggio, Geneva
Mind the G.A.P. Gambling-Addiction-Prevention: Preventive programs for young students in Italy
Fulvia Prever, Milano; Maddalena Borsani, Milano
Problematic mobile-phone use, per-sonality traits-domains and emotion regulation in adolescence
Simone Amendola, Rome
The impact of shyness on internet addiction in preadolescence: The mediating role of somatic symptoms
Valentina Spensieri, Rome

SE5 - Gambling, gaming, coaddiction and comorbidities

Convergence between gambling and gaming? The point of view of youth gamblers-gamers
Magali Dufour, Montréal
Gambling and risk behaviors: Cha-racteristics of young problematic gamblers in Switzerland
Yara Barrense-Dias, Lausanne
The effect of co-occurring addictions on the association between DSM-5 gambling disorder and mental health problems
Simon Marmet, Lausanne
Gambling or not gambling: What makes the difference?
Yara Barrense-Dias, Lausanne

SE6 - Reward and impulsivity

Differential influence of reward and control in disordered gambling
Gina Paolini, Zürich 
Reward processing in gambling disorder:  A longitudinal-prospective EEG study
Saee Paliwal, Zürich
The effects of reward cues on risky choice in healthy volunteers and pro-blem gamblers: The role of individual differences in cue sensitivity
Mariya Cherkasova, Vancouver
Eve Limbrick-Oldfield, Vancouver

SE7 - Mechanisms

An etiological hypothesis on gambling disorder
Maurizio Avanzi, Piacenza
The use of smartphones to model gam-bling behaviour in the real world

SE8 - Neurological approaches on gambling and associated behavioral addictions

Decision making, gambling and analgesic drug addiction: Prelaminary data from an italian survey
Giorgia Varallo, Verbania
Evidence of prefrontal cortex functio-nal deficit in Risk-Prone individuals
Kshitij S. Jadhav, Lausanne
Giovanni Albani, Verbania
Gambling disorder and the neuroche-mistry of natural rewards”
Valerie Voon, University of Cambridge

SE9 - Treatments 1

Are treatment outcomes predicted by type of gambling?
Henrietta Bowden-Jones, London
A pilot randomized controlled trial of an online intervention for gambling with participants recruited through Amazon’s Mechanical Turk
John Cunningham, Toronto
Away from Problem Gambling through the Pathway Model (Discussion of practi-cal treatment differentiations following Alex Blaszcynski’s Pathway Model)
Roberto Ballerini, Bellinzona
The use of indigenous medicine for the treatment of addictive disorders
Ilana Berlowitz, Tarapoto

SE10 - Treatments 2

Steve Sharman, London 
Gamblers anonymous in the 21st century
Jim Rogers, Lincoln
Lie is an elephant
Alessandra Bassi, Parma
Women gambling disorder Treatment in Italy. New cross-cultural input
Fulvia Prever, Milano