Poster / short oral presentation

Prevalence rates and correlates of compulsive cybersex in Swiss young men
Joseph Studer, Lausanne
Increased at-risk gambling is associated to spirituality in a youth sample in Switzerland
Fei Chen, Lausanne
Anna-Maria Sani, Bellinzona
Developing and piloting of a web-based self-help tool for the reduction of problem gambling
Christian Baumgartner, Zurich
Cognitive and affective factors are related to adolescent problem gambling? An empirical study 
Daniela Capitanucci, Gallarate (Varese)
Never too old, never old enough... Gambling-related problems among older adults: Risk factors and experimental treatment with focus on women
Marina D’Agati, Turin
Video gamers’ personality traits and narcissistic dimensions
Baptiste Lignier, Dijon
Verifying the efficacy of using videos as educational tools for gambling prevention among adolescents
Daniela Capitanucci, Gallarate (Varese)
What predicts treatment outcome in patients with gambling disorder?
Gina Paolini, Zürich